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You have opened pages which will help you to develop your creativity. You will find here:

  • PRACTICAL ideas
  • INFORMATION on basic handicraft procedures
  • NEWS from exhibitions and literature
  • SPACE for your communication.

Jul 30th 2001
Hanka visited on Saturday, 26th May 2001, the 13th annual traditional CERAMICS DAY at Kostelec nad Černými lesy. We saw the full square of nice first-rate ceramics. Eventhough our late repportage is only in Czech, you can find there some inspiration ...

Mar 28th 2001
We learned traditional pasting method of chinese paintings.

Mar 24th 2001
Finaly something for men: the spring is here and brings plenty of raw materials (from flowers of dandelions to various fruits) for production of homemade wine.

Mar 18th 2001
New brooms sweep clean. Try our instructions how to make birch broom. It can also serve as an efective transport device for witches.

Jan 2nd 2001
We corrected the code of our pages to improve the access of users with Netscape Communicator.

Dec 24th 2000
Hobby-info wishes all folks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dec 9th 2000
According to your wishes we established a new separate section "Ideas". There will be shorter, recent or incomplete topics, maybe your own. If you love Christmas decorations, you can follow instructions how to make the Christmas wreath (we are sorry, text is only in , but with nice pictures).

Dec 7th 2000
For those who are aimed to the ceramics, Hanka send us a lot of links. Enjoy them!

Dec 6th 2000
I translated Chinese painting pages into UK flag with significant help of my English teacher Cathy, who translated it from my English into English. I added some photos, too.

Nov 25th 2000
Have you already started to bake? Try our recipe for Christmas honey gingerbread.

Painted honey gingerbread

Nov 17th 2000
UK flag AND FINALLY WE ARE HERE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!! But unfortunately we managed to prepare only home page at the moment. We believe, however, pictures are international...

Nov 12th 2000
Look at what we saw at exhibitions.


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